As we close out a decade marked by interior design trends ranging from midcentury to Memphis-inspired, we’ve got our eyes set on what 2020 has in store. The 80’s resurgence means that 3d wall panels and curves are in – be it doorways, patterns, or furniture. Milan design week boasted numerous examples of mixed metals and humble materials such as rattan, terra cotta, and Vienna straw. Biophilic design- designing to increase connection to nature through natural materials, such as wood, textiles and cane- is having a moment. These materials are popping up in homes in new and modern ways. Elle décor predicts a surge in double islands and new shapes and sizes of tiles in lieu of the classic subway.


Pantone is the leader in all things colour. They announced in December that Classic Blue would be their colour of the year. This elegant colour will make 2020 the most restful year yet, but that’s not the only colour you should expect to see in the interior design world. According to HGTV, retro pastels, known now as millennial pastels can be expected to be seen on cabinets, backsplashes, and even appliances. Another retro trend we should anticipate to be making resurgence in 2020 is the classic contrast of black and white. Moody black will be found on cabinets, counters and walls alike.


Elle Décor is anticipating that slabs of stone and large scale tiles will do away with the classic subway. A surge in fun tile shapes will make an appearance over the next year as well. One classic trend that isn’t going anywhere this year is beautiful marble. Keeping on the biophilic design trend, this natural stone will continue to be popular throughout 2020. We should also expect to see designers carrying the backsplash all the way to the ceiling instead of stopping short. Get your glass cleaner ready as the metallic and mirrored tiles we tore out of our 80’s homes will now be back in style! Our LED under cabinet lighting will dance beautifully off of these materials. Colour! As with everything this year, be ready to play with your colour wheel! That’s right, coloured backsplashes are a must for any trendy kitchen. Reno Assistance predicts that backsplashes with handy integrated shelving will also be on trend this year. Finally, designers will have a chance to play with alternative materials. Rustic copper, stainless steel, perforated metals, anything goes in 2020!


What designer doesn’t love to accessorize? House & Home expects that ribbed glass will be making a comeback in 2020. Seeing that stainless steel hood fan will be a thing of the past! Hidden range hoods are in! Panels of stone, MDF, metal, and wood will hide the large appliances and camouflage them into the kitchen. Handles for cabinets will also be hidden for a sleek and seamless look. Tip on cabinet doors, recessed handles and handle tracks will help the handles blend right into the millwork. You’re not seeing double, the biggest accessory in the kitchen has actually doubled in quantity. The coveted large island isn’t enough for 2020, we need 2! The ever growing kitchen workspace is expanding once more. Now there will be an island for cooking and one for entertaining guests.

In conclusion, 2020 will be a year of playing with colour, mixing and matching fun alternative materials, seamless kitchen designs and a whole lot of 80’s vibes!! So dust off your Rubik’s cubes, your Walkman and your Madonna CDs and strap yourself in for another exciting year of design! Let’s just hope those hairdos stay where they belong in 1980.