Cedar Ridge Designs Inc. Warranty

Cedar Ridge Designs Inc. guarantees the cabinetry that we manufacture to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five years from the date of installation.

Drawer slides and door hinges included with our cabinets have a lifetime guarantee.

Any defective part or product will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the discretion of an authorized Cedar Ridge Designs Inc. representative. Cost for removal and reinstallation of appliances, plumbing and electrical components associated with a warranted part are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage cause by misuse, abuse, improper cleaning and normal wear and tear.

Variations in wood grain and colour are not considered defects, but are characteristics that make each wood product unique.

Natural materials that are used in our products such as solid woods, veneers, and natural stones will vary in colour and characteristics and may change in colour over time. The conditions that these materials are exposed to such as steam, sunlight, smoke, cleaning agents and other environmental factors will affect the aging process. Because of the factors mentioned above, new and replacement parts may not exactly match the original cabinetry.

Laminate countertop seams are not guaranteed against movement or swelling when exposed to water, steam or heat. Keeping joints clean and dry will ensure your top will perform properly for many years.

A tolerance of 3/16" for door warping (measured from corner to corner) is acceptable. A measurement greater than 3/16" would constitute replacement if the humidity in the space where the cabinets are installed is maintained between 40% and 50% year round.

New homes or newly renovated rooms will move and settle as time passes. This warranty does not cover cracked caulking joints or misaligned doors and drawer fronts because of this natural settling process.

Thank you for choosing Cedar Ridge Designs Inc.